Transparency, Community, and Safety for Westwood

My experience working on local issues and communicating with residents will make me an effective addition to the Planning Board.

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I’ll share what I know with residents and actively promote meaningful participation early in the planning process.

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I will encourage modifications to projects to enhance community long term.

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I will advocate for improvements in pedestrian and bicycle safety to make our streets safer for all.

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Why I’m Running for Planning Board

Feb 5, 2016 No Comments ›› Dave Atkins

I love Westwood and I want to be a part of making sure as we grow, that growth benefits the entire community. I want my kids to be able to walk to school and to a village center where they can grab an ice cream or coffee when they’re older. I want them to be able to hike in the woods and see deer in their backyards. I also want the town to grow in a way that young people will choose to stay here and our older residents can remain in town as they look for ways to downsize. By becoming a part of the planning process, I believe I can make a big impact on realizing these goals. I will work tirelessly to ensure community input is a part of all new projects. I will review permit applications with a long term perspective and ask how it will benefit the community. I will work constructively with town departments and residents from all neighborhoods in Westwood to come up with consensus solutions to problems and recognize opportunities for making our town even better.

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