Why I’m Running for Planning Board

I love Westwood and I want to be a part of making sure as we grow, that growth benefits the entire community. I want my kids to be able to walk to school and to a village center where they can grab an ice cream or coffee when they’re older. I want them to be able to hike in the woods and see deer in their backyards. I also want the town to grow in a way that young people will choose to stay here and our older residents can remain in town as they look for ways to downsize. By becoming a part of the planning process, I believe I can make a big impact on realizing these goals.

I will work tirelessly to ensure community input is a part of all new projects. I will review permit applications with a long term perspective and ask how it will benefit the community. I will work constructively with town departments and residents from all neighborhoods in Westwood to come up with consensus solutions to problems and recognize opportunities for making our town even better.


I’ll share what I know with residents and actively promote meaningful participation early in the planning process.

I will always be upfront with information about the planning process because I believe residents need to know the context and significance of decisions. Transparency means more than just telling residents what is being planned, it requires reaching out to get ideas before details are finalized. I will work to increase awareness of new projects and ensure the needs of the community are heard.


I will encourage modifications to projects to enhance community long term.

The town has a long range plan, a vision for preserving the village character of our town centers, maintaining our great schools, and remaining a place that is known for its open space. Changes must be managed to grow responsibly and adapt to the needs of the community.


I will advocate for improvements in pedestrian and bicycle safety to make our streets safer for all.

Walking, biking, hiking and running strengthen connections in our town and promote a healthy community.

I love that I can walk to CVS or Islington Pizza and kids can ride bikes or play hockey in the street. I appreciate the open space and beauty of Westwood when I run through Lowell Woods or Hale Reservation. I dream of the day when a sidewalk path will run the length of Gay Street and my kids will safely bike to the Library or High School.

We should encourage these activities wherever possible. We should prioritize these forms of active transportation and ensure projects are consistent with the character of our community.