On April 28, 2021

Elect David Atkins to the Westwood Select Board

For greater transparency, better communication, and improved civic engagement for all Westwood residents.

Why I'm running

For the last decade, I’ve volunteered in the community and helped share information more effectively to promote better civic engagement. As Chair of the Westwood Planning Board in 2018, I prioritized the development of our updated comprehensive plan–written by community members and adopted by the Planning Board this past fall. As a member of the Select Board, I will take what we learned from that process and work with town administration, the School Committee, the Planning Board and all departments to implement this shared vision for our community with maximum transparency and community consensus.

Why I'm different

I have a demonstrated record of listening to all perspectives, of considering alternative points of view and being willing to promote an open discussion of issues of disagreement. I don’t have all the answers, and I believe the best way to solve problems is through an open and transparent dialogue with residents. I’m also a very hands-on person; I show up and find a way to help. I see things through. I bring technology expertise from decades in software development, a data and analytics background, and legal training–a deep, diverse background of experience to serve Westwood.

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“I will work to deliver real progress on matters of health, safety, and finance: preserving green spaces, promoting clean energy, creating safe walking paths, and improving how information is shared so that residents know where their tax dollars go and why.”