David's decade of service to Westwood as a consensus building leader demonstrates his commitment to:

Your Health

Preserving our green spaces, utilizing clean energy to save operating costs, and providing clean air and water for our community.

He will do this through:

  • Pursuing clean energy alternatives such as solar canopies over buildings and parking lots. These improvements will reduce our operating costs and decrease reliance on fossil fuels that pollute our community.
  • Supporting the hiring of a sustainability manager and incorporating sustainability into the construction of all new buildings. This will not only make them environmentally sound but also lock in long-term operational cost reductions and save taxpayer dollars.
  • Working with our Environmental Action Committee, town energy manager, and community groups like the Westwood Land Trust.¬†These steps will ensure projects are beneficial and supported by the community.

Your Safety

Creating pathways that connect our neighborhoods so that residents can safely enjoy the beauty of our town.

David will push for this by:

  • Supporting the construction of the Gay Street Sidewalk and the planning of the Canton Street multi-use path. Increasing access to crosswalks and sidewalks will make Westwood a more walkable town and create a sense of community.

  • Engaging with citizens and identifying funding sources to create lasting improvements.

Your Trust

Keeping you informed on how your tax dollars are being used at every step of the process.

He will work for your trust by:

  • Proposing a comprehensive financial planning process to engage residents in a workshop for participatory budgeting. This will give residents a better feel of how the town finances work and give them a chance to give their input. 
  • Asking other board members to create a steering committee. This will be similar to how the comprehensive planning process was conducted over the past two years to create our updated master plan.