Westwood’s Role in Climate Change

In 2019, I was inspired by the success of the youth-led Sunrise Movement to bring climate issues to the forefront of national political discussion. I organized a group of residents in the region to put together this “Green New Deal Town Hall” in Dedham:

We went on to form a “node” of the statewide group 350 Massachusetts. In Westwood, I served as the Planning Board liaison to the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee’s working group on Sustainability and Resiliency and helped draft 22 practical implementing actions in Westwood which are listed, starting on page 80 of the Comprehensive Plan.

Solar projects are an important element of achieving energy independence for Westwood. At last night’s Select Board meeting, I was happy to hear that a memorandum of understanding has been approved for solar parking lot canopies to be developed at the Meditech campuses. I support working with the School Committee to deploy solar panels and parking canopies wherever possible, including the High School and to work to make our new school building project sustainable.

I support working to implement those recommendations in a transparent manner, with full public input.

One of the greatest challenges facing not only Westwood, but our entire planet in 2020, is whether or not we can collectively address climate change in a way that slows the impact of global warming in time to avoid a future of environmental catastrophes and conflict over resources. While climate change is being caused by worldwide patterns of industrial growth, we can and must do our part to have an impact locally. Failure to act would be a selfish abdication of our shared responsibility. Instead, we choose to challenge our community to do what needs to be done and provide an example and leadership to others.

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